Season 4

  • DUI2Ants: It Should Have Been 8, Adventures, & Dear Maria…

    Ant is drunk… If you like what you hear and want to help support our show, become a Patreon! Bingeworthy Patreon We would be internally grateful! Play in new […]

  • Racing Against Time

    Matt forgot to bring an extra SD card and the boys only have a limited amount of recording time left. They race to shove as much content as they can […]

  • Breaking, Tom Cruise, & Comebacks

    Matt and Ant put the media on trial by analyzing breaking in live shows, finding out why everyone loves Tom Cruise, and outtakes and comebacks. Plus more Lorne Michaels of […]

  • Flushing, Ant the Principal, & Your 15-Year Old Self

    Ant and Matt go deep this week discussing toilets that will not stop flushing, things Ant would teach in his very own school, and what messages you would give to […]

  • Phone Updates, Best of the Year, & Products by Ant

    Ant and Matt are back for an exciting new season! Full of wonder and excitement, well, its really just, more conversations in Matt’s car… but it still good stuff! […]